Le bazar de Stemp

Le bazar de Stemp

Little updates on Midori & WebKit

As usual things are moving on the webkit and midori front.

Webkit :

I updated my ppa to nightly build r36641.

I also change the names of the package to match the Debian naming scheme.

So now it’s libwebkit-1.0-1, libwebkit-1.0-1-dbg and libwebkit-dev.


New version 0.0.19 is out.

And of course you can use swfdec 0.7.4 to watch Youtube and other flash contents.

Still no Java, the actual web plugins are using OJI instead of NPAPI (Netscape Protocol) so it can’t work on Hardy, but even with the news version (1.6.0_07-b06) of Intrepid I’m not able to use java 😦

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